Kimono Wearing

Today, a term of kimono is referred to Japanese traditional clothes, but it originally meant just "clothing," something to wear. So, let's get dressed more freely and walk around the city. In this experience, you are going to enjoy wearing a casual kimono called "Yukata."

Kyoto Painting

Coloring experience combining two traditional techniques of Kyoto: Yuzen-zome and Tarashikomi. In this experience, you are provided with a pre-drawn shikishi paper board and color it with pigment produced by Ueba-eso.

Private Tour

The first thing you are doing is to get to know your neighbor! Kyoto has amazing local attractions, including food market, restaurant. Just walking a small street makes you feel special.

Hello! I’m Minori

I’ve lived in Yamashina for more than 15 years. Yamashina is a great area and can be hidden options if you are already familiar with main attractions in Kyoto.

I teach English to kids so I would like to show them how rewarding and proud it is to show people around our beautiful countries, and English would be helpful in many ways.

I like wearing kimono, cooking, and watching moves. Kimono may look difficult to wear but once you remember how to wear it, you can take it back to your country and enjoy dressing yourself. Why don’t you start with yukata, a casual kimono for summer time? For this, I can be a great help for you!

Let’s go see beautiful Kyoto and experience some of the best attractions here with me.

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